Poundcake Fundraiser for BlackBoard

Come support our sister organization!

Blackboard has done it again! Come to the Black House Friday @ 1pm to buy a full slice of lemon glazed or regular poundcake!




Only One Day Away!! Don’t miss it!

Come Meet NABJ-NU at the Organization Fair!
When: Wednesday, September 20th, 3:15 pm
Where: Norris Ground Floor

Interested in reporting, writing and multimedia storytelling? NABJ-NU is the organization for you! We’re here to provide resources and support to the Black journalists on campus. Come build your brand and prepare for your future profession while having fun and becoming apart of a strong community.

But wait—there’s more!! Come learn how you can get involved with BlackBoard Magazine! From writing for the print issues, producing photo and video content for the mag’s online platform, or even helping with the podcast AfroTalk, being a part of the BlackBoard team provides numerous opportunities to get hands-on experience creating multimedia content.

Don’t miss your chance to get involved with all of this Black excellence!nabj family image 2 writing

Wildcat Fall Organization Fair!

Come join the NABJ-NU family and explore what we are all about this September during the Student Organization and Publication Fair on September 19 and 20! Along with our sister organization named BlackBoard Magazine, a full display of our work, available opportunities and projects will be provided for you to consume at our table! We will have a few representatives present to greet you and answer any questions you may have about the organization, and a sign-up sheet will be available for both membership and updates about our program! Come by our table and discover what NABJ-NU can teach you about journalism!

#NABJNAHJ16 Checklist!

We’re less than a week away from 2016’s NABJ-NAHJ joint convention!!! NABJ-NU is beyond ecstatic to grace the nation’s capital and partake in some networking, skill building and FUN! Check out these tips we curated for a previous convention that are still helpful for this year!

  1. A friend
    1. Not someone who’s side you plan to be glued to for the entirety of the convention. Instead, bring another budding journalist buddy for moral support. The idea is that you both are there and on the grind.
  2. Business cards
    1. Keep these wherever you go, because you never know when you’ll run into a writer of the magazine you’d love to intern for or an anchor for the news station at which you want a job. You can get almost 300 for FREE from Vistaprint, or you can make it even more trivial by using Microsoft Word.
  3. Your elevator pitch
    1. This should be about 30 seconds and is basically a quick synopsis of YOU and YOUR BRAND. Though short and concise, make sure your elevator pitch is persuasive and impressive.
  4. Your résumé
    1. …And tons of copies at that. Think of your résumé as your networking handy gadget, it should always come in handy when you want to “show your work.” Make sure it isn’t too overbearingly long (1 page should suffice) and have some colleagues look over it before you give it the final approval stamp.
  5. Professional clothing
    1. Yes, you’ll be away from mom and dad. Yes, you’ll be surrounded by other young adults. Yes, you’ll be in the wonderful city that is Boston. BUT this is a convention before it is anything else. Remember why you’ve come, and dress a such. Google is there if you need help.
  6. Grooming & styling products/supplies
    1. This goes along with #5. No one will take an unkempt person seriously. Whatever you need to make yourself look like you are about your business – BRING IT.
  7. Your smile and enthusiasm!
    1. Sometimes, through all the professionalism talk, we forget to genuinely enjoy our surroundings. It IS a convention (see #5), but don’t be miserable. Don’t leave without having yourself a good time. And bring back stories (and souvenirs)!

Whether this is your first convention or your 15th, we hope all of you get the most out of it! Special shout out to our #MedillMafia family!

Help Summit Fundraising Endeavors!

Hello all,

My name is Sierra Boone and I am the current President of NABJ-Northwestern University. As you may know, our chapter is holding the NABJ Midwest Region Journalism Summit in a few weeks (starting on 4/22). The summit will be a wonderful weekend of programming – featuring an Adobe workshop and a keynote by EBONY Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Kierna Mayo.

Currently, we are partaking in fundraising for the summit so that we may put on an event that reaches its full potential of greatness. Please, I ask of you, consider aiding us in our fundraising endeavors! Your donation will help to make sure that attendants have the best summit experience possible. Every dollar helps!

You can donate here: https://igg.me/at/nabjmidwestsummit16/x/9443945


Thank you so much in advance!


With appreciation,

Sierra Boone

President, NABJ-NU


Register Before Ticket Increase!

Tickets for the 2016 Midwest Summit will be increasing in price on April 8th at 11:59 p.m.!

Currently, prices are $15 for individuals and $10 for groups (of 5+). After April 8th, however, ticket prices will increase to $20 for individuals and $15 for groups.

Due to the fact that we will be providing meals for students while at the summit, it is necessary that we have an accurate count of students for which to supply food. Please be cognizant of this when purchasing tickets.

Be sure to register before then to ensure you pay the cheapest price!

All summit information can be found here.

Midwest Summit Keynote Kierna Mayo on The Combat Jack Show

Kierna Mayo, Editor-in-Chief of EBONY Magazine and scheduled keynote speaker for the NABJ Midwest Region summit in April of this year, recently had an interview with The Combat Jack Show.

The Combat Jack Show is a SoundCloud based podcast that features creatives in our culture.

On the show, Mayo talked about things such as what makes authentic music and controlling her narrative as editor of the nation’s #1 Black publication.

As many would know, before joining EBONY, she was doing work with places such as The Source Magazine. “When I did the first cover of TLC in their life, I was 22.” Wow.

She also was a founding editor of Honey Magazine, no longer in print. “We have to exist for a Rihanna to exist,” she says about entertainment journalism needing to be in a mainstream lens.

We are very excited to meet and hear from Kierna Mayo at the Midwest Summit in April! Get your ticket(s) today!



Partner Hotel Announced for Midwest Summit

The partner hotel for the 2016 NABJ Midwest Summit hosted by Northwestern University has officially been announced. All attendees planning to be in Evanston for the weekend of the summit should make reservations under the “NABJ NU” block plan at the Hilton Garden Inn on Maple St. in Evanston, Ill.

Reservations for hotel rooms can be made HERE.

Official registration for the summit is still open and can be obtained HERE.

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Get Your Tix for NABJ Midwest Summit 2016!


Midwest Summit 2016

The overarching theme of this year’s Midwest student summit will be “Controlling Our Narrative.” We felt it was important to dedicate this time to equipping ourselves and each other with the skills and resources to become better, more responsible journalists.

Recent events on college campuses highlighting discrimination, racism, sexual assault, and various other issues and the problematic ways in which they were covered -if they were covered at all- have only affirmed our desire to dedicate this time to working to hone our craft.

As a part of this, we plan to provide relevant and impactful workshops and seminars concerning the practice of socially responsible journalism and the evolving roles of young, black journalists in modern society.


We have an array of workshops including…

  1. Controlling Our Narrative
  2. Figuring out Adobe Suite
  3. Sports Reporting
  4. Data Driven Journalism
  5. Documenting Your Story
  6. Pitching
  7. Finding Your Dream Job
  8. TV News
  9. Becoming a Marketing Maven
  10. Entertainment Journalism


  1. Eryn Rogers
  2. Todd Johnson
  3. Margena Christian
  4. Jessica Dickerson
  5. John Eligon
  6. Dorothy Tucker
  7. and more!

And a wonderful keynote from Ebony Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Kierna Mayo!

*Please make sure to register by April 9,  2016.