Get Your Tix for NABJ Midwest Summit 2016!


Midwest Summit 2016

The overarching theme of this year’s Midwest student summit will be “Controlling Our Narrative.” We felt it was important to dedicate this time to equipping ourselves and each other with the skills and resources to become better, more responsible journalists.

Recent events on college campuses highlighting discrimination, racism, sexual assault, and various other issues and the problematic ways in which they were covered -if they were covered at all- have only affirmed our desire to dedicate this time to working to hone our craft.

As a part of this, we plan to provide relevant and impactful workshops and seminars concerning the practice of socially responsible journalism and the evolving roles of young, black journalists in modern society.


We have an array of workshops including…

  1. Controlling Our Narrative
  2. Figuring out Adobe Suite
  3. Sports Reporting
  4. Data Driven Journalism
  5. Documenting Your Story
  6. Pitching
  7. Finding Your Dream Job
  8. TV News
  9. Becoming a Marketing Maven
  10. Entertainment Journalism


  1. Eryn Rogers
  2. Todd Johnson
  3. Margena Christian
  4. Jessica Dickerson
  5. John Eligon
  6. Dorothy Tucker
  7. and more!

And a wonderful keynote from Ebony Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Kierna Mayo!

*Please make sure to register by April 9,  2016.


Next 2 Journo Journey Stops!

The journey continues!

That’s right, our Journo Journey is moving right along with the 4th and 5th stops announced and scheduled!

Fourth Stop: In These Times

Fifth Stop: WBEZ


See you then!



#BHM Event: Occupy McTrib!

It’s Black History Month!

Get in formation with NABJ- Northwestern as we make visible some of the historic feats of Black journalists and media professionals! Have you been influenced by Ida B. Wells? Were you put on your path by Langston Hughes? Did Ethel L. Payne encourage you to report accurately and fairly?

Join us at the McCormick Tribune/Foundation Center this Thursday, Feb. 11th at 6:00 p.m. where we will be flyering the building with Black history (journalism and media related) facts. WE know that the work of Black journalists has done a foundational job in public justice, help to make sure the greater Northwestern & Medill community does as well!

Controlling Our Narrative! Click HERE to RSVP!

If you have any specific journalist/media professional whose photo/bio you want to be printed for the flyering, please post their name(s) in the comment section!

*please note that the body text of the featured image is not the scheduled event.