Help Summit Fundraising Endeavors!

Hello all,

My name is Sierra Boone and I am the current President of NABJ-Northwestern University. As you may know, our chapter is holding the NABJ Midwest Region Journalism Summit in a few weeks (starting on 4/22). The summit will be a wonderful weekend of programming – featuring an Adobe workshop and a keynote by EBONY Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Kierna Mayo.

Currently, we are partaking in fundraising for the summit so that we may put on an event that reaches its full potential of greatness. Please, I ask of you, consider aiding us in our fundraising endeavors! Your donation will help to make sure that attendants have the best summit experience possible. Every dollar helps!

You can donate here:

Thank you so much in advance!


With appreciation,

Sierra Boone

President, NABJ-NU


Register Before Ticket Increase!

Tickets for the 2016 Midwest Summit will be increasing in price on April 8th at 11:59 p.m.!

Currently, prices are $15 for individuals and $10 for groups (of 5+). After April 8th, however, ticket prices will increase to $20 for individuals and $15 for groups.

Due to the fact that we will be providing meals for students while at the summit, it is necessary that we have an accurate count of students for which to supply food. Please be cognizant of this when purchasing tickets.

Be sure to register before then to ensure you pay the cheapest price!

All summit information can be found here.