There's nothing like the smell of fresh journalism...right?
There’s nothing like the smell of fresh journalism…right?

The Northwestern Chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists serves as a resource and outlet for graduate and undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in mass communications and journalism.

As an auspice, the Northwestern chapter seeks to uphold an organic atmosphere and community in which all of our members can grow professionally and personally. NABJ-NU also creates opportunities for students to develop meaningful relationships, harness impressive skills and build confidence in their careers.

NABJ-NU specializes in the production of multiple multimedia elements to help foster real world journalism skills in its members, including writing, copy-editing, film, broadcast and production media elements. NABJ-NU has helped hundreds of students over the years understand what they want to get out of journalism as well as culminate the journalistic skill set that will give back to the community as well, either through newspaper reporting, anchoring, or other modes of honest, hard-working journalism.

NABJ welcomes all students who are majoring in journalism and other relevant communication and media majors. NABJ is also open to any curious student interested in learning more about multimedia elements and how the Black narrative fits into the wold of journalism today.

Follow us on Twitter: @NabjNU

“Like” us on Facebook: NABJ- Northwestern University



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